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Oil and Fat Conference – 2024  

To keep the height: how to maintain the dynamics of production and exports.

April 26, 2024, Moscow

 The main hall

Registration of participants and welcome coffee break

The official opening of the conference

THE PLENARY SESSION. The forecast for the development of the industry until 2035. 

Questions for discussion: 

  1. The global situation of the fat and oil market and Russia's place in it. Prospects for the global production and consumption of vegetable oils and meal.
  2. Maintaining the dynamics of the growth of the raw material base and the balance of processing capacities.
  3. Monetary and non-monetary measures of state support for the export of fat and oil products.
  4. Risk insurance tools in the domestic and foreign markets.
Coffee break

Session 2.
Export reserves 2030: barriers, geography and redistribution.


Questions for discussion: 

  1. Logistical difficulties: insurance, freight, hidden sanctions, railway capacity, sufficiency of rolling stock and prioritization of goods.
  2. Problems of passing export payments: ways to solve them.
  3. Is there any growth potential for exports in traditional directions? Where and how to expand the geography of supplies of fat and oil products? An increase in the export of products with higher added value.



Session 3. Non-tariff regulation

Questions for discussion: 

  1. The results of the reform of extended producer responsibility (ROP).
  2. Prohibition of certain types of packaging within the framework of the federal project «Closed-loop economics»;
  3. The transition of fat-and-oil enterprises to the II category of negative environmental impact.
  4. The course of the experiment on labeling by means of identification of goods of the oil and fat industry (Honest mark).


The second room. Technical regulation and standardization of fat and oil products (in parallel)


Session 1. Amendments to the Technical regulations of the Customs Union "Technical Regulations for fat and oil products" (TR CU 024/2011)


Questions for discussion:

  1. New requirements for safety indicators, labeling, conformity assessment, production and transportation of fat-and-oil products changes in the technical regulations of the Customs Union "Technical Regulations for fat-and-oil products" (TR CU 024/2011). Transitional provisions and the procedure for entry into force.
  2. Development of standards for certain types of edible oil and fat products, taking into account the requirements of the amendment to TR CU 024/2011. Standardization of promising vegetable oil processing products (lecithin (phosphatide concentrate), mono- and diglycerides, fatty acids, mold lubrication products, etc.).
14:30-15:30 Lunch




Session 2. Amendments to the technical regulations of the Customs Union “Safety requirements for food additives, flavorings and technological aids”
(ТР ТС 029/2012)


Review of new mandatory requirements for food ingredients: regulation of use, rationing, turnover, conformity assessment and labeling of food ingredients. The procedure for putting into effect.




The application deadline is: 25 April 2024
Registration fee: 30 000 Rubles
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