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Born on June 5, 1976 in Chisinau.


In 1998 he graduated from the faculty of philosophy of Kyiv national University, postgraduate course of the Institute of Economics, received the degree of candidate of economic Sciences at the Institute of Economics (2001).

Professional experience:

In 2001-2002-the specialist of Department of regulation of the food markets of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia.

In 2002-2008, a leading expert on grain in the analytical Agency IKAR.

In 2008-2013-head of market analysis Department of strategic marketing Department of "Rusagrotrans" CJSC.

From 10.2013 — Deputy Director of the Department of strategic marketing for agricultural markets and tariff policy of JSC "Rusagrotrans".

From 17.04.2017  -Director of strategic marketing Department, JSC Rusagrotrans»

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