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The strategy of industry in the export race: marathon or sprint

(draft of the program)



4 April

09.00 — 10.00

Registration opens and coffee break

10.00 — 10.05


10.05 — 11.30

PLENARY SESSION. Export of oil and fat products 2024 - how to achieve     the aims?


Topics of discussion:


  • The strategy of fat and oil industry in the context of the federal project "Export of products of agriculture sector»
  • The efficiency of programs to increase the competitiveness of Russian exporters in the international oil and fat market - business view
  • The potential of increase markets of EAEU’s countries 

11.30 — 12.00

Coffee break

12.00 — 14.00

SESSION 1. The International reset: Russia's benefits in the context             of trade wars 


Topics of discussion:


  • Global market conditions: expectations of the season 2019/20. The forecasts to season 2024
  • Results of the global "soybean war". Will Russia achieve preferences?
  • North Africa or China:  the potentials and risks for Russia
  • The zones of free trade and bridging trade barriers (India, Iran, Indonesia, China)
  • New opportunities in the context of sanctions. Cooperation with Iran and Syria

14.00 — 15.00


15.00 — 16.30

SESSION 3.  Scarcity of oilseed raw materials:  the ways of obtaining           proper balance 


 Topics of discussion:


  • The Season 2019/20: Will there be a next oilseed record?
  • The central part of Russia: raw material insufficiency, how to avoid the development of the crisis
  • Siberia and the Urals: oilseed donors
  • Far East and China - partnership or integration
  • Exchange trade in oilseeds - multitul for the market. The first results of trading of sunflower and soybean.

16.30 — 16.40


16.40 — 17.30

SESSION 4. Logistics - a strategic investment in the industry


Topics of discussion:


  • The geography of export routes for oil and fat products
  • The port infrastructure. Public-private partnership: transport accessibility in return for investment
  • Domestic market - oilseed logistics 

17.30 — 19.00



5 April

09.00 — 10.00

Registration opens and coffee break

10.00 — 11.30

SESSION 1. Mainstay stages of implementation of subprograms to oilseed  breeding


Topics of discussion:


  • Technology transfer - quick start
  • Domestic selection: competitiveness as a direction vector of development
  • The use of agricultural technology in increasing the yield index of seeds

11.30 — 11.40

Coffee break

11.40 — 13.10

SESSION 2. Modern-day innovative technologies in fat and oil production   on the consumer market and sector high-level processed 


Topics of discussion:


  • Growth points fat and oil products in the B2C sector: domestic market or export?
  • High-level processed: trend for international quality standards
  • Food Ingredients: full import substitution


13.10 – 14.10


14.10 – 15.40

SESSION 3. Workshop for technologists. Technical regulation and sanitary standards: glycidyl esters and 3MCPD


Topics of discussion:


  • Technical regulations: new requirements for the transportation of oil and fat products
  • Сontaminant - rationing, methods of determination, ways to reduce its content in vegetable oils
  • Consequences of the adoption of standards the of indexes of contaminants






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