Strube - Russia

Strube - Russia

Strube company conducts a program for sunflower breeding, leading to the creation of hybrids of high quality. For more than 20 years Strube has been an important breeding company engaged in the improvement of this culture. The company's breeding activities are mainly focused on maximum oil yield, high productivity of hybrids, resistance to various types of broom, as well as resistance to herbicides (Imidazolinone and Sulfonylurea). Now, the number of high quality sunflower hybrids Strube available hybrids with genetic resistance to herbicides in the Clearfield system  (Everlasting) and Clearfield+  and sulfonilmocevina (Sulfo / Express ). New hybrids proved to be excellent in the trials over the past three years. For more information, please contact the Manager in your area.

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Strube - Россия
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