Moscow Exchange Group

Moscow Exchange Group

Moscow Exchange provides exhaustive and convenient access to the Russian financial markets. The Exchange's markets offer clients trading opportunities across a diversified range of asset classes all combined with best-in-class post-trade services.

Today, Moscow Exchange is the main liquidity and price discovery centre for Russian instruments. Moscow Exchange hosts trading in equities, bonds, derivatives, currencies, money market instruments and commodities. The Group also includes Russia's central securities depository "the National Settlement Depository" and the National Clearing Centre, which performs the function of central counterparty. Moscow Exchange ranks among the world's top 20 exchanges by total capitalisation of shares traded, and also among the 10 largest exchange platforms for bonds and derivatives trading.

Securities of over 700 issuers are admitted to trading on the equity and bond markets of Moscow Exchange. The Exchange is also a leader in driving modernisation of Russia's financial markets infrastructure and promoting Moscow as an international financial centre. Over the past two years, long awaited infrastructure reforms were implemented: the central securities depository and central counterparty were qualified by the Bank of Russia and started to operate at full strength; international central securities depositories began servicing equity and bond markets clients and the equity market was transferred to the T+2 settlement cycle with partial prefunding. All these changes have made trading on Moscow Exchange as convenient as on the world's leading marketplaces and has resulted in growth of trading volumes.

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